Have you ever been overloaded by the information available to you?

Lately, it seems as if I’m on information overload and my brain needs to work double time to keep up. I find myself contemplating parapsychology and wondering if kick starting a lucid dream is biblical. When I go to the library and browse amongst the titles, I find that my minute has turned to 10 and my 10 to 30. If only I could process faster… Instead, I lay awake before I go to bed with my mind racing, wondering when it will all end so that I can simply go to sleep.

Is it good to be so mentally vibrant? Or is it just a way to foster what our society sees as a high level of ADHD? Either way, I find myself in need of self-control and discipline as I choose what to focus on in any given second. For I can think of great things or lousy ones, busy ones or contemplative ones, or even shut it all out and be still.

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