Dreaming a Great Dream

In my time with God I’ve been praying through Good to Great by Chip Ingram. This isn’t the classic by Jim Collins, but a sort of Christian version of the same thing.  On a chapter I read recently Chip Ingram talks about having God sized dreams, not little me sized dreams, but the big ones.  The ones I dare not admit because they sound audacious and arrogant.  Why wouldn’t God be able to do those?

Well, he can!  I imagine being able to grow a ministry that is consumed with the Glory of God!  Where every believer is unconcerned about their own life, but is caught up in a delicious sort of worship that nourishes our souls and gushes from all our pores to the world around us.  I believe that God can use me to build up that kind of ministry that is not only infinitely practical, but also explosive, reacting like a ton of C4 in a brush fire.  Where followers of Christ will devote themselves to good works because of their ardent devotion to God, and their lavish love of others.  I believe we can proclaim that this is not only possible but inevitable if we believe God, and trust him for the impossible.

Do you have a dream?

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