A Message

Today, I was working with my Thunderbird client minimized, and the title that it gave me caused me to pause: “Trash for Juan”

Is this just simply trash for my brain?  Or more directly, is this trash for my soul?  Perhaps more simply, it’s just a monumental coincidence.  But no matter how it came about to be, I can’t help but wonder about the massive amounts of unwanted emails I get everyday:

Today, Alderman Donovan decried the Milwaukee Public School System (MPS) as they’ve asked for a 16% increase in property taxes!  This, after many similar hikes that have left many people struggling.  Donovan said that the governor and mayor should take control and fix the problems in MPS.

Xerox, Costco, Dell, and some random Chinese manufacturing plant are all having sales today!  But they end in a day or two, only so that they can have a slightly better sale the day after. :-P

The restructuring of management in my job is still taking place, and they are still telling me about the details that will not impact my life for at least another 10 years.  Since I will be going to Gordon Conwell, I doubt I’ll ever see what happens.

Finally, there are a plethora of receipts, itineraries, and just plain junk, that I’ve sorted through today, and will continue to sort through fairly frequently until I die.  Joy of joys

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