In the last few years I’ve noticed 2 things that have changed the direction my life has taken.  Firstly, I’ve become somewhat unsatisfied by the models and modes of ministries that I both work with and under.  They are by and large, racialized segregated models of a Church that should not be so.  I am passionate about the unity and health of the Church, and would love to see Love win out over a myriad of evils.  However, there is a lot to learn before I can more adequately help the Church move forward to a loving, relevant part of normal society.  At this point I’m not sure what I’m even able to accomplish.  Secondly, my own personality and gifts aren’t used very well in my current job.  I am by nature a person who loves ideas and people.  I enjoy pressure and high energy environments.  In what I do currently, I am often tied down by administrative details and work with spreadsheets more than people.  I would like that to change, and so along with what I’d like to accomplish in my short life, seminary seemed like the right “next step.”

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