God Man

Jesus is an amazing figure if you believe Him to be fully God and fully man.  It’s a paradox and simply won’t be contained by the most eloquent of our dissertations or argumentations because it defies logic.

To get an idea of what he must have been like, we could look at someone like Peter who was with him a lot.  I can only imagine him in a state of panic when Jesus from his sleep awakens to terminate the storm on command and in Power.  How with His Power Peter was able to step out on the water, and the awe he must have felt before he sank.  To see people healed, not just some superficial healing, but when Peter chopped of someone’s ear in his anger, to see that ear made whole before his eyes.  Jesus was holy, he was scary.

At the same time, how much of their relationship was mundane?  Sure Jesus was always the teacher, but you’re sitting around a fire eating fish that you caught that morning.  Then you’d be spending a day walking here or there.  Talking to families, meeting people… all things that are not scary, they’re just boring.

I imagine just as Peter was getting used to things and feeling comfortable, Jesus would do something truly frightening.  Would Peter be wondering “what did I get myself into?” or did he eventually get used to seeing some of these things, particularly nearer to the end of Jesus’ ministry?  Maybe they should make a movie about Peter’s life that highlights the struggle of accepting a God/Man.

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