During our Urban Immersion time in a couple of weeks, we’ll be having a time of worship and prayer.   I wrote this prayer to help us prepare and I thought it might help others of you prepare for your own times of prayer.

Heavenly Father, you are gracious beyond our understanding.  Thank you for this time that we have to meditate on you, help us to see you clearly.  Lord, would you empty our minds of distraction?  Will you open our spiritual eyes and ears so that we may see and hear you clearly?  Will you calm our pride, our anger, our anxiety, our fear, and our self-righteousness so that we can listen with our whole heart?  Will you quiet the lies of our enemies, let the Truth ring in our souls, and prepare us to hear of your great might and glory?  Thank You for yourself, your gift to us, an unworthy people.  Thank you for your grace that takes the pressure away from us as it frees us to be what you intended.  Thank you for your mercy on us in our broken state.  Thank you for a right relationship that brings us back to you.  May it continue to bring us to you in humility with a proper view of who we’re not in light of who you are.

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