New Life

What a roller coaster of a summer!  Rachel and I moved here to scenic South Hamilton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston to go to seminary.  Things are finally settling down, but I’m realizing our webpage has suffered some terrible neglect.

With that, a basic update seems in order.  Rachel is currently working two jobs until the fall when she will quit her part time one.  She is working full time at TechMission, an organization that strives to bring technology into inner city ministries.  Her part time job is as a tutor at a Sylvan Learning center.

I am currently in my second Greek class, and am working as a “media tech” for the school.  That mostly means that I copy a lot of CD’s and DVDs and occasionally run sound.  In the fall I will start as a Physics lab instructor for Gordon College.

Our life is crazy, but we’re settling in and will hopefully find our place here soon.  Blessings to you!

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