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Bright Angst

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Somehow, the last iteration didn’t quite capture the contrast between light and darkness that I hoped to.  It did however, catch the emotive sense.  In this iteration, I simply took out the color and made the contrast starker through differing tones and levels of definition.

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Meeting and Greeting in Hamilton

As we’ve been living here longer, we have met some wonderful people!  About once or twice a week we have the opportunity to entertain or be entertained by our fellow seminarians, professors, and church friends.  It really creates quite the contrast from our life in Milwaukee where we were in the heart of the city […]

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Rachel and TechMission

While Juan hits the books, Rachel is diligently working at Techmission and paying the bills.  Her commute is over an hour long!  However, this is worth it because she can stay involved in urban ministry which she loves.  This also allows her to increase her skills as a manager and evaluate what she would like […]

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Juan’s Spring Classes

Currently, Juan is taking courses in preaching, exegesis, and education!  He recently preached in class on Luke 8:22-25.  The main idea of the sermon was "Do not fear God, but instead put your faith in Jesus who is God over creation."  For his exegesis class he is writing a paper on the discussion between Nicodemus […]

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Juan and Rachel

Juan is currently attending seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, MA.  He is interested in issues of Grace in all aspects of life, but in particular, as they relate to the issues of Church health, unity, and ethics.  Currently, he works as a Physics Lab Instructor at Gordon College.  Some hobbies include computer […]

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New Life

What a roller coaster of a summer!  Rachel and I moved here to scenic South Hamilton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston to go to seminary.  Things are finally settling down, but I’m realizing our webpage has suffered some terrible neglect. With that, a basic update seems in order.  Rachel is currently working two jobs until the […]

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During our Urban Immersion time in a couple of weeks, we’ll be having a time of worship and prayer.   I wrote this prayer to help us prepare and I thought it might help others of you prepare for your own times of prayer. Heavenly Father, you are gracious beyond our understanding.  Thank you for this […]

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God Man

Jesus is an amazing figure if you believe Him to be fully God and fully man.  It’s a paradox and simply won’t be contained by the most eloquent of our dissertations or argumentations because it defies logic. To get an idea of what he must have been like, we could look at someone like Peter […]

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Conversations With a Teaching Fellow

In my New Testament Survey class I have a few interactions with my “teaching fellow” that I must do.  Already they’ve been the subject of a couple of posts.  This last one was interesting, so I will reproduce it in its entirety. “I’d like you to integrate this course (NT501) with your future ministry goals.  […]

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