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God Man

Jesus is an amazing figure if you believe Him to be fully God and fully man.  It’s a paradox and simply won’t be contained by the most eloquent of our dissertations or argumentations because it defies logic. To get an idea of what he must have been like, we could look at someone like Peter […]

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Conversations With a Teaching Fellow

In my New Testament Survey class I have a few interactions with my “teaching fellow” that I must do.  Already they’ve been the subject of a couple of posts.  This last one was interesting, so I will reproduce it in its entirety. “I’d like you to integrate this course (NT501) with your future ministry goals.  […]

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A Message

Today, I was working with my Thunderbird client minimized, and the title that it gave me caused me to pause: “Trash for Juan” Is this just simply trash for my brain?  Or more directly, is this trash for my soul?  Perhaps more simply, it’s just a monumental coincidence.  But no matter how it came about […]

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Black on Black Crime

Today, I listened while someone read an editorial from Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe.  In it, Jacoby lists out the brutally convicting statistics about black on black crime.  In particular, I was struck by a quote made by Jesse Jackson in 1993, “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than […]

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Big Dreams vs Health Wealth

As I was thinking about dreaming great dreams, a friend of mine asked what the difference was between health and wealth and great dreams. I thought that was truly a great question.  While I believe on an emotional level the difference is clear, on a logical level they are indeed similar.  They both ask God with expectation, […]

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Dreaming a Great Dream

In my time with God I’ve been praying through Good to Great by Chip Ingram. This isn’t the classic by Jim Collins, but a sort of Christian version of the same thing.  On a chapter I read recently Chip Ingram talks about having God sized dreams, not little me sized dreams, but the big ones.  […]

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Have you ever been overloaded by the information available to you? Lately, it seems as if I’m on information overload and my brain needs to work double time to keep up. I find myself contemplating parapsychology and wondering if kick starting a lucid dream is biblical. When I go to the library and browse amongst […]

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Removing Income Tax

I’ve been reading a great many persuasive arguments on why the income tax can and should be repealed.  The idea is not only interesting, I believe it makes a lot of sense. The basics of the argument are that income tax is one of the lesser sources of income for the government and would only […]

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Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory

Below is some work I did for my Leadership and Management Class. Herzberg found that the atmosphere in the workplace greatly affected motivation. I took each of these aspects and found how we can enhance these while recruiting, while working, and while planning. Satisfiers: Achievement – We need to show people we recruit that we […]

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