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In the last few years I’ve noticed 2 things that have changed the direction my life has taken.  Firstly, I’ve become somewhat unsatisfied by the models and modes of ministries that I both work with and under.  They are by and large, racialized segregated models of a Church that should not be so.  I am […]

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Two Officers Hurt

Today, I was coming home from an interfaith meeting on how to address the systemic problems of crime and the like in our city.  As I approached our home, I saw a span of 8 blocks that were behind a police line, mine being one of them.  Luckily, Rachel was ok, but it struck me […]

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Black on Black Crime

Today, I listened while someone read an editorial from Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe.  In it, Jacoby lists out the brutally convicting statistics about black on black crime.  In particular, I was struck by a quote made by Jesse Jackson in 1993, “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than […]

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Battle on the Homefront

Over Labor Day Weekend our nerves were worn ragged by the constant conflict between our next door neighbor and her boyfriend. We hid out in our bedroom with the AC on high just to drown out the sounds, but eventually the screaming, cursing, and breaking glass had us calling 911. If they didn’t need relief, we sure […]

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Here’s Life Inner City

Our Mission To serve and mobilize the church to live out God’s heart for the poor so that all can grow in Christ and multiply spiritually. Guiding Values As a part of Campus Crusade for Christ we strive to fulfill the Great Commission within our own cities. At same time, we seek to be a […]

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I just met a couple of missionaries that had spent the last 30 years in Japan! I was so excited, and hearing their stories I was reminded again of how I miss Japan and want to go back. I can’t even imagine if I could or if that is what God wants, but I know […]

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