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A Message

Today, I was working with my Thunderbird client minimized, and the title that it gave me caused me to pause: “Trash for Juan” Is this just simply trash for my brain?  Or more directly, is this trash for my soul?  Perhaps more simply, it’s just a monumental coincidence.  But no matter how it came about […]

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Post Barcamp Thoughts

Milwaukee Barcamp 2 this weekend past was a hoot!  Lots of nerds, (or trendy people, depending on how you look at it) came together this weekend to discuss all things remotely related to the world wide web.  Some people even came and talked about things not related to the world wide web.  So all in […]

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Barcamp Milwaukee

This week I will be attending barcamp Milwaukee 2!  Barcamp is an unconference that is held to to talk about largely tech related topics.  As the name implies, many of the participants will actually be camping out in the conference area, complete with lan parties and talks of zen.  The word bar is an interesting geek […]

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Pandora’s Box

I have to give props to  They have managed to come up with an online music service that I really like!  Normally online stations have one of two things: terrible bandwidth or terrible selection or both. However, Pandora has a smooth sound, that I haven’t heard skip yet!  Also, they allow you to create […]

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Portable Applications

Portable applications have been interesting me for a while.  Essentially, you can put them on your USB flash drive and carry them wherever you go, with all your settings, files, and preferences. If they’re well written they also won’t leave any traces on the host computer, nor will they require admin privileges.

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