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God Man

Jesus is an amazing figure if you believe Him to be fully God and fully man.  It’s a paradox and simply won’t be contained by the most eloquent of our dissertations or argumentations because it defies logic. To get an idea of what he must have been like, we could look at someone like Peter […]

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Some thoughts on The Golden Compass

I’ve been looking forward to the debut of a movie called The Golden Compass since I saw the previews in August, so last weekend I read the book on which the movie is based. I enjoyed it. Quite a bit. It’s a well-written, highly creative, and engaging story. I could barely put it down. There […]

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The Bodily Resurrection

There is so much wrong with my body! It should be obvious, but thanks to my own sin, and perhaps that of Adam as well… I’m dying. I don’t like it, and I wish it would go away. But there’s no denying that my life is limited and death will claim me. Luckily I know […]

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